The Two Major Kinds of Playtech Casino Jackpots

In online casino gaming, the scenario is the same as in the conventional casino system where bets are placed and the result is in the form of win or loss. The thing in which the conventional casinos used to differ from the online casinos was the fact that in general casinos many players can come and place a bet on the same game, whereas, in conventional it was the individual versus the game some years back. Playtech by introducing its different kinds of jackpots changed the scenario for the people and now people can enjoy the same conventional experience of hitting a jackpot with Playtech slot games as well.

Playtech is one of the highest jackpot offering online casino game service provider in the world. People from all over the world engage in its jackpot games with the hope of winning. There are two major kinds of jackpots the playtech offers to its players, the lines below give a brief introduction of these jackpots.

Conventional Jackpot

The first kind of jackpot is the conventional jackpot offered in the conventional slots. The games with this kind of jackpot are the ones in which the games have a specific jackpot limit and a player that plays the game hopes to win that particular jackpot, making it the one thing to aim for that stays the same as long as the player keeps on playing the game.

Progressive Jackpot

On contrary to the conventional jackpot there is the progressive jackpot, where the amount of jackpot does not stay the same; rather it keeps on increasing until and unless some player has won it. The thing with progressive jackpot is that all the players playing a game are connected to the same network allowing them to place their wager on the same game. Thus, with every player entering the game the wager increases and so does the jackpot amount. Ergo, in this type of casino game the jackpot keeps on increasing as long as people keep on playing.